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Konark Filters Private Limited



There is another sticky requirement of the industries. To completely remove free oil layer floating from certain tanks. For example, degreasing baths, wash water tanks after oil quenching, edible oils, etps etc..

Generally oil skimmers are employed for such application. These fall miserably short of the requirements. Oil layer is never removed effectively from the surface. And despite a skimmer being in operation for a long time, the layer and its problems are present. The tank needs to be regularly discarded due to increase in levels of oil contamination. This not only increase the procurement cost but also increase burden on waste management resources.

We have devised KOSEPOIL to say goodbye to the floating free oil layer from any tank. And as per our general method of machine making, this too is fully automatic needing very little manpower intervention or supervision. It is totally maintenance free.

It is mounted with suction pump to make it self sufficient. Top oil layer and some water layer is sucked by the pump and fed into KOSEPOIL from inlet side. Special arrangement separates oil and water layer effectively away from each other. Oil is discharged out. Clear liquid is returned back to the main tank.

The collected oil is reused or sent through proper disposal channels.


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