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Pressure Belt Filters, Degreasing Filters, Rubber Belt Vacuum Filters & many more...

About Us

KONARK FILTERS PVT. LTD. is dedicated to solid-liquid separation and leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Pressure Belt Filters, Rubber Belt Vacuum Filters, Multi Bag Filters, Polishing Filters, Degreasing Filters, Coolant Fluid Filtration Systems, Non Barrier Filters, Squeeze Press Filters, Oil Water Separators / Separation Systems, Bag Filters, Sludge Dehydrators, Gravity Drum Filters, Monobelt Filter Presses, Self-Cleaning Side Stream Filters, Deep Frying Oil Filtration SystemsNew, Portable Deep Frying Oil Filters for various industries like Chemical, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) Sludge Dewatering, Food and Beverage Industries etc.

Special competence in creating custom built / tailor made filtration systems. Spend considerable quality time in understanding the needs of our clients. Further help client modify process to suit better filtration in turn increasing productivity. All our products, services and actions lead to increased productivity, waste minimization, pollution control, natural resource conservation and equitable sustainable utilization. State of the art modern manufacturing set up with 5000 sq.ft construction. We invariably look to build fully automatic and manpower independent systems. R & d and innovation is our leading light. Have modern facilities to conduct such activities related to filtration.

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Our Products

One Stop Filtration House ( Solid - liquid filtration ) :
  • One stop filtration (solid-liquid) house.
  • Generally all our products are PLC automated
  • Our products lead to, one or several of following benefits :
    Increased Productivity
    Improved Quality
    Waste Minimization
    EHS Benefits
    Natural Resource Conservation
    and many others ...
  • Specialized tailor made and custom built filtration problem solving.
  • Decades of experience.
  • Strong R & D base.
  • Several Patents
News and Articles : Self-Cleaning Cooling Tower Water Filtration System

If clean cooling water is your need.. then you must know about KOSELFI. Konark Filters Pvt. Ltd. introduces KOSELFI, most innovative, side stream, selfcleaning, stand-alone system ever conceived.

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