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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Gravity Drum Filters / Filtration Systems (Ko-G-Drum) for Effluent Treatment Plants Sludge Dewatering application. Our Manufacturing unit is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The essential part of the filter is a SS gravity filtration drum. It is rotating at a particular pre-determined speed. Hot effluent enters the internal surface of the drum from side inlet. Liquid gets filtered down and solids get separated on the mesh wire screen. The solids get lifted up due to the rotation of the drum into the area of discharge. Wash water is sprayed from the outer side of the drum, discharging the settled solids into the collection trough. The wash water along with the separated fluff comes out of the drum from the other side of the inlet.

Salient Features
  • Also use as primary filter in Heat recovery plant of textile effluent.
  • Is specially developed for heat recover unit.
  • Gives online muck separation
  • PLC based automation
  • Continuous operations - filtration, muck discharge and media cleaning.
  • Increases heat transfer efficiency.
  • Reduces heat transfer equipment downtime low O & M cost.


  • Food Industry Effluents.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Effluent polishing of wastewaters.
  • Transport water in plastic industry.
  • Textile effluent filtration.
  • Pre - filtration before sand filters.
  • Pulp and paper Industry.
  • Reuse Water.
  • Industrial process water filtration.
  • Heat recovery plant pressure filter.