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We provide Industrial Filter Trial Services (Filtration Feasibility Testing Services) from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our Trial Services can be applicable for all types of Industries and for customers from Worldwide.

Proper filter selection and filter sizing is an important and complex activity. Filtration has more than a dozen dynamically challenging variables. We have created many miniature pilot plant filtration units, to give benefit of our filtration experience to our esteemed clients.

Our Focus:

It is important to test the sample at site on miniature filtration rigs. Hence, we have created miniature test rigs of almost all filtration types which helps in

Industrial Filter Trial Services Filtration Feasibility Testing Services



Who could be Possible Beneficiaries?
  • Chemical industries
  • Engineering and automobile sectors
  • Research and product development organisations
  • New product development
  • Pilot plant makers
  • Educational institutions
  • Chemical engineering consultants
  • Pollution control endeavours
  • And many
Salient Features
  • These filter trial units can be shipped to the client's place for trial demonstration
  • Extensive onsite assessment done on actual site conditions
  • All the stakeholders and decision makers get an opportunity to participate in the trials.
  • Wherever possible, these details and samples can be shared with further clients, to get prior approval
  • This helps in listing down precise technical specifications
  • Actual, nearly final, outputs generated and analysed in the lab to check suitability on site
  • Hence success of the full-scale filter and the product is already ensured in the initial stages itself

In short, we can test and verify any of your filtration applications, in your premises, in front of you, much before you commit your financial and logistical resources on the project.

Pressure Belt Filters:



Parameters to be checked:

Nature of filtration, porosity, pressure v/s cake thickness v/s flux charts, achievable cake thickness, cake washing parameters, final cake moisture, suitability of filter cloth, cake release properties, suitability of reusable cloth.


Vacuum Belt Filter ( Continuous and stationary tray ) :

  • Highly suitable for large through puts, high porosity materials, minerals, dye-stuff etc.
  • A cost effective solution
  • Slurry feed, gravity filtration, vacuum filtration, multiple cake washing, dewatering, cake discharge, cloth cleaning, alignment take place continuously and uninterruptedly
  • Overcomes all disadvantages of all other vacuum filters put together.



Operations to be Performed and Checked:

Flow rate, cake thickness, washing, dewatering, cake release, achievable vacuum, cloth washing, nature of filtrate, final cake moisture, suitability of filter cloth, cake release properties.

Batch vacuum Filter: Small batch sizes. Pharma or Precious Filtration


Continuous Rubber belt Vacuum Filter : Chemical Industries, Distilleries, Sugar plants, Coal Refineries.

Continuous Rubber belt Vacuum Filter

Continuous Rubber belt Vacuum Filter

Continuous Rubber belt Vacuum Filter



ETP / STP Sludge Dewatering Continuous Filters:
Operations to be Performed and Checked:

Nature of continuous flocculation, flux, filtration, filtrate, cake dewatering, cake release, final cake moisture, continuous operability of the machine.

Precoat Filters:



Squeeze Press:
  • Highly user friendly high pressure squeezer
  • Principal objective is to remove the maximum liquid from sludge
  • Second objective is to reduce the ETP sludge load
  • To reduce the value for sludge disposable
  • We provide trial services for the same to have hands on experience on quality before and after filtration
Squeeze Press


Edible Oil Filtration Systems :
  • Good quality oil = Good quality fried food
  • Oil degradation is in-evitable
  • Food particles, time, temperature, type of product, air and water are the responsible factors
  • Increase oil life by effective filtration
  • Degradation can be reduced by effective separation of residing food particles
  • We provide trial services for the same to have hands on experience on quality of oil before and after filtration

How the need arose!

  • Filtration is one of the most important unit operations.
  • Filtration is a very vast subject.
  • It has more than a dozen critical variables.
  • Filtration wisdom is 10% theory and 90% experience.
  • We are 20+ years’ experience filtration dedicated company.
  • We have made more than thousands of filters by now.
  • No two filters are ever the same.
  • Typical nature of applications has not stopped surprising us till today
  • Hence, proper selection of filtration protocol is of utmost importance.