• We Give Clear Solutions

KONARK FILTERS PVT. LTD. is dedicated to solid-liquid separation. Special competence in creating tailormade filtration systems. Spend considerable quality time in understanding the needs of our clients. Further help client modify process to suit better filtration in turn increasing productivity. All our products, services and actions lead to increased productivity, waste minimization, pollution control, natural resource conservation and equitable sustainable utilization. State of the art modern manufacturing set up with 5000 sq.ft construction. We invariably look to build fully automatic and manpower independent systems. R & d and innovation is our leading light. Have modern facilities to conduct such activities related to filtration. Have several patents

Long-term employees to serve your needs. Wide sales and service network. We have been instrumental, at many places, in reducing cost of production, rejections, waste, manpower dependency, utility consumption and increasing productivity, quality, EHS, ISO 14000 and pollution norm compliance.

We have created useful vendor and supplier base to supplement our work.

  • KONARK FILTERS PVT LTD is dedicated to solid-liquid separation.
  • Comprehensive auditing of client requirement
  • Extensive expertise in creating tailor made and custom built filtration systems.
  • We create PLC based fully automatic filtration systems.
  • Our products and services lead to increased productivity, improved quality, waste minimization, pollution control and natural resource conservation.
  • Strong r & d facilities
  • Have several patents
  • Long-term employees to serve your needs.
  • Wide sales network

Our Vision

  • To Become Most Efficient, Reliable,
  • Global, Transparent In House Filters
  • Producing Company

Our Principles :

  • God Sees All Our Actions.
  • We Owe Clean Environment To Future Generations.
  • Natural Resources Are The Real Wealth Creators.
  • Innovation Is A Continuous Process.
  • Every Challenge Is An Opportunity For Growth
Quality Policy
  • Observe discipline & transparency with all.
  • Handle customers needs need utmost care & sincere approach.
  • Our filters & systems are our brand ambassadors.
  • Groom good values into workmen & make them part & parcel of the progress.
  • Equitable distribution of technological advancements leads to sustainable progress.
  • Shareholder & investors interests are sacred & have to safeguard.
  • Value good vendors & suppliers.
  • Statutory requirements are to be met in letters & spirit.
  • Be aware of the organizations social responsibility.