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We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Belt Press Filters / Filtration Systems (Kobelt-GR-SQ) for Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plants Sludge Dewatering application. Our manufacturing unit is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The Kobelt Mono GR SQ is completely different from the rest in the market. The waste water / sewage water treatment has always been a challenge for decades. We the Konark Filters came up with the stringent solution to all of your filtration needs. This Belt press significantly reduces the moisture content of the sludge by progressive pressurisation giving you divergent results. This Unit is a compact combination of one or more units with different levels of filtration giving you Zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

The filter press operates in continuous mode. The sludge mixed with flocculent is supplied to the rotating gravity drum and distributed all over its operating length, which is then followed by a pressure belt filtration mono-roller for effective dewatering of the sludge. The dewatered sludge is then removed from the belts by special polymeric scrapers into a receiving bin. After the filter cake removal, the belts are washed in the regeneration zone.

Salient Features

  • Clear filtrate.
  • Reliability is provided by high-tech components from the leading Indian and global manufacturers.
  • Gives great control on filtration process.
  • Improves the output quality.
  • Very low operating costs.
  • Low polymer consumption.
  • Reduce load-on ETPs.
  • Enhances housekeeping and EHS compliance.
  • Fully automatic PLC base system.
  • Economic and reliable for long range of application.
  • ETP / STP dewatering for industries.
  • STP sludge dewatering of municipal sewage.