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We are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Belt Press Filters / Filtration Systems (Kobelt SQ Twin) for Effluent Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants Sludge Dewatering application. Our manufacturing unit is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.


  • More than 95% volume reduction is quick time.
  • Highlydewatered sludge output.
  • Compact.
  • Least operator intervention.
  • Climate independent performance.
  • Unique multi-section design eliminates cloth clogging.
  • Intelligent hydraulic loading and mass balance.
  • Least operation and maintenance costs.
  • Helps meet EHS. pollution and ISO 14000 norms.


  • Sludge management takes almost 1/4th of ETP operating cost.
  • Conventional drying beds, filter presses, decanters etc. can not meet the needs.
  • Belt press filter is the answer.
  • KONARK FILTERS' KOBELT-SQ-TWIN is the best answer.

Sludge is dewatered by applying mechanical pressure on conditioned sludge between two tensioned filter belts passing through decreasing diameter serpentine configuration.




Through The Process

  1. Flocculation Tank
    Proper quality and quantity of dewatering synthetic polyelectrolyte is dosed and mixed thoroughly in the incoming sludge.
  2. Sludge Feed
    Conditioned sludge is spread fed On the gravity drainage section of the belt. Unique side rubber lips help proper spreadinq of sludge.
  3. Gravity Filtration
    Maximum amount of free water is effecrlvelv drained out on the long section. Special sludge ploughs and flips are. provided to increase drainage efficlencyofthe Sludge.
  4. Filtration
    Filtration starts taking place in the gradual wedge formed between the two converging filter belts, The twin filter belts with sludge sandwiched in between converg completely on the first perforated take up roller.
  5. Low Pressure Squeezing
    First take up roller exerts an even pressure of about 0.15 kg/sq.cm on the sludge. It further increases in the following rollers.
  6. High Pressure Squeezing
    A linear belt tension of about 10 kg/cm is kept applied. The pressure increases uniformly on the following rollers. Maximum free water is thus intelligently and progressively squeezed out of the sludge.
  7. Discharge
    Dewatered sludge is scrapped off from both the belts by argonomlcally placed doctor knives. Pressure of the knives on the belts is kept adjusted with the help of tensioners.
  8. Cloth Cleaning
    High pressur water jets are provided for effertive cleaning of both the belts. Clarified water from the treatment plant is also suitable and preferred. Cloth washed water is fed back to equalization tank or fed back with incoming sludge
  9. Filtrate
    Is recovered and used back in the process. Thus hydraulics, water and mass balance of the entire system is designed in such a way that the net output from it is highly dewatered sludge
  10. Cloth Alignment
    Both the filter belts are provided with deviation sensors and pneumatic correctors. This helps to keep the filter belt. properly aligned to give optimum performance and life.

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