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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Portable Deep Frying Oil Filters / Filtration Systems (Ko-Port), Deep Frying Oil Pressure Filters / Filtration Systems (Kostack), Deep Frying Oil Pressure Belt Filters / Filtration Systems (Kobelt RFM 20), Gravity Drum Filters / Filtration Systems (Kogramax) for Deep Frying Oil Filtration application in Food And Beverage Industries. Our manufacturing unit is situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

As consistent food quality depends on consistent quality of oil. Frying process, time, temperature insert considerable amount of contaminants in the oil.. With every progressing quantity of food.. Oil quality keeps deteriorating linearly initially and exponentially at later stages.. This defeats the primary determinant of producing consistent quality food item.. Only and the only way one can get consistent output is through reliable continuous or frequent oil filtration protocol. Frying temperatures are usually in the range of 160 to 180°C. Cost and ease of availability is some of the concerns on which the selection is based. Time ( Duration ), temp, type of product ( crumby, dusty, and stable ), air and water continuously degenerate the oil. The suspended particle that enters the oil deteriorates the oil faster. Decreases smoke point. Increases rancidity. Decreases heat transfer efficiency of oil needing more time. Interferes in frying needing more time. Sticks to the product and makes them taste bad and smell bad. At this point or much before, oil needs complete replacement. Need for disposal also increases oil disposal costs. This has a social cost too. Hence good oil filtration system is the only answer. We at Konark filters, with our decades of expertise in critical filtration field bring a variety of unique fully automatic frying oil filtration systems.